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 Investment Opportunity in Jubaland State.

About 55% of the rural population of the Jubaland state are predominately pastoralists, the remaining 45% of the population are agricultural and fisheries, practicing both live stock and sea food (fisheries) .

According to surveys conducting in the past, the Jubaland state has a number of major resources including, land, livestock, rivers, minerals, sea foods (Fisheries) , underground water, natural forests, wild life species and human resources .

Investment Opportunity in Agricultural.

The area of land which is irrigable around the banks of the Wabi Juba (Juba River) is estimated to be 775,000HA, according to a survey sponsored by the Jubaland Investment Bureau, the area of land that is agro-climatically suitable for rain, fed annual crop production is estimated to be 3,000000 hectares constituting about 55% of the stats total land mass.

The state has major river Wabi Juba which carry a large amount of water throughout the year, the state is also high in underground water potential .

According to the survey sponsored by the Jubaland Investment Bureau and conducted in the past , the average number of Hector holding per household in the state ranges from :-

0 – 10 hector per household.

The above agricultural quantities per house hold indicates that, agricultural and fisheries per capital holding in this state.

Investment Opportunity in livestock.

The state is rich in livestock, agricultural and fisheries resources according to the survey sponsored by the Jubaland Investment Bureau and conducted in the past the average number of live stock holding per household in the state ranges from

Every house hold Quantity
Cattle 1-10
Sheep/goat 10-52
Camel 3-31

The above livestock quantities per house hold indicates that livestock, agricultural and fisheries per capital holding in this state.

–       Dairy Farming.

–       Fattening Shoats (Sheep and Goats).

–       Cattle and camel fattening.

–       Poultry in Modern Methods and equipment.

–       Ostrich Farming and Peary Projects .

–       Hides and Skins Procession.

–       Livestock meat processing for export.

–       Diary and dairy products processing.

–       Honey and wax processing as well as their production.

–       Livestock feed production, storage and processing.

–       Fishery and Fish processing.

–       Livestock Health  and veterinary clinics.

–       Crop production in Cotton, Fruits and vegetables, oil seeds pulses, Sugar cane, Wheat, Rice and Flowers .

–       Processing Fruits and vegetable.

–        Banana, Lemon, Potatoes processing and packaging.

–       Corn Oil Processing.

Fishery is almost forgotten sub sector in the state although rivers like Wabi Juba are expected to have huge potential. Fish meat is demanded by the both the domestic and external markets. Marketing and manufacturing the above listed agriculture and livestock products  is, lucrative investment opportunity for potential investors.

Investment Opportunity in Mineral Resources.

Resources potential assessment and projects identification study conducted in the past revealed that existence of various major and minor mineral occurrences.

The type of each mineral and places found are specified as Salt, Gold, Feldspar, Natural Gas, Petrol, Graphite, Kalin, Magnetite, Phosphorus, Construction Materials

The above listed minerals have industrial and other applications for potential investors.

The state has Oil and Natural Gas, Solar and wind energy as well as Hydro electric power potential .The state is found to be prospective for petroleum in off shore at Indian ocean kismayo zone.

The water flowing in  River Juba,( Wabi Juba) could be converted to hydro electric power supplies for the state and rest of our country.

 Investment Opportunity in Tourism Resources.

The state has cultural and natural tourism areas, the various tourism resort areas could summarized below :-

Establishing Star designated Hotel .-       Tour operation .-       International Restaurants .-       Wabi Juba  tourism .-       The culture of the Somali people (Unique Nomadic Culture).- Birds, natural forests and wildlife.

Hotels and Restaurants Is Also Part of Investments

Investment Opportunity in current and priority of the Jubaland State to be started immediately.

By the vision of the state government 50 Projects are identified by the industrial projects service (IPS) based on the state government direction and resource allocation, and will promote to register by the investors now .

1)    Calcium Carbide.2)    Fuel Briquette .3)    Leather Foot Wear.4)    Sisal Sacks.5)    Peanut Butter.6)     Seed Processing Plant.7)    Cattle Fattening Farm.8)    Mineral Licks.9)    Flour Plant .10) Past and Macaroni Plant.11) Sugar Plant .12) Absorbent.13) Cotton.14) Caustic Soda.15) Laundry Soap .16) Citrus Farm17) Grinding Stone.18) anvass Hoses.19) Sisal Rope.20) Natural Adhesive.21) Corn Starch .22) Sheep and Goat Farm.23) Dairy Farm .24) Butter processing Plant.25) Wet-Blue Leather.26) Crust Leather.27) Cotton Farm.28) Vegetable Farm.29) Livestock eed.30) Sugar Cane Farm.31) Leather Sandals and Chapels.32) Sesame Farm , Orange Squash.33) Lime production 34) Salt Production .35) Cement Plant.36) Marble Processing Plant .37) Cotton Seed Oil.38) Finished eather.39) Bricks Making Plant.40) Iodized Salt production .41) Marmalade.42) Hand Made Paper.43) Aggregates.44) Canned Meat.45) Glucose.46) Calcinated gypsum.47) Cotton Ginning Plant.48) Sodium Silicate .49) Milk Powder.50) Cotton knitted Cloth .

Investment Opportunity in Infrastructure Capacity

The state was one of the poorest infrastructures in the county since the civil war and collapse of the central governments in 1991, but huge improvement has been made since 2013 particularly is kismayo zone after established a new federal system and Jubaland State. Airports, Port, Roads and governments building and private building has been maintained, and still we are waiting a private investors to carried out the remaining all infrastructures capability building in the following Area.

Kismayo Airport Kismayo Sea Port Transportation and Telecommunication.

Financial Institutions Capacity Building Jubaland Central Bank,  Education and Training kismayo university ,Health Service Improvements kismayo hospital

Water Resource.

Encouraging private investment both from within and outside investors got suitable environment under the policies and strategies mandated by both Jubaland state and Federal Government.

For instance, tax is reduced on the materials for various projects and they are allowed to contribute and revenue up to a while based on the type of the project. In addition to this, enough space is provided based on the need and finally mobilization of natural resource is facilitated as the need of the project.

As started in the investment systems in Jubaland  investment Bureau and Board of Jubaland Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) has been authorized for the investment capacity building and expansion. There are the bodies responsible in the leading, planning and marketing polices of investment and development of Jubaland State .

Also there is system that has not yet been set up in the areas of investment program among them responsible bodies of the system at zonal and district level as in other stats of our country.

However, there are certain districts that selfly took responsibilities in attracting and encouraging investment. These districts can be a good example to others without established investment board. Among them the leading once are Kismayo and Garbahaaray they started and already added their plans to give land to investors with an estimated investment 0f 100 Milyan Dolars,