12299317_510393645794010_7084253396439775956_nACHIEVEMENTS OF JCCIA

Right away after its set JCCI Abrilliantly achieved a number of goals and significant improvements, for instance:

  • JCCIA rebuilt, renovated and maintained the central bank of Jubaland, the bank completely collapsed after the failure of the central government back in 1991, it now officially works and performs well in the banking system of Jubaland.
  • JCCIA has trained and equipped well the business community of Jubaland by giving them seminars, workshops and forums for discussion, this has dramatically enhanced their knowledge of the business environment
  • JCCI also reached its services in other parts of Jubaland such as the districts Afmadow, Badhadhe, Garbaharey, Dhobley and Blad Hawo.
  • JCCIA established and reinforced its international relations with the international community and has signed treaties with other commerce chambers of the neighboring countries such as Kenya. Ethiopia and Djibouti
  • Another important step JCCIA has taken is the formation of a solid relationship with the UN and its different bodies, USAID and other nongovernmental organizations.
  • The chairman as well as other top officials of the CHAMBER have participated in a number of high profile international  Conferences thus enhancing the outside world image Of JCCIA  and sighing agreements for JCCIA

The international conferences JCCIA officials participated include:

  • The SAUDI conference for East African countries
  • Somalia business opportunities conference in Sweden
  • SANA international conference FTZ
  • Istanbul conference for Somalia business community
  • The conference of Arab league business JCCI and India
  • The conference for the enhancement and improvement of Somalia economy held in Djibouti
  • JCCI also Participated Inter-Regional conference to promote safe and stable livestock trade between the horn of Africa and the Middle East. 22-24 Nov. 2015, Dubai UAEWhile strongly sticking to its vision, mission objective and its core values the JCCIA also achieved the following as well:
  • JCCIA and its business community has now plans on changing the initial strategy  on policies related to importation and exportation policies excluding insurance services by shifting to the international standard  of containerizations tasking  the role companies owned  our business community itself

    JCCIA closely works with the ministry of commerce and industry of Jubaland which is our most important institution of the administration for the simple reason  of sharing a common goal which is strengthening the business environment in Jubaland .it is also worth to mention that we do also  work with other institutions of the administration such as the district authorities,

    JCCIA welcomes the relatively improving security of the region as well as the whole country, the JCCIA helps in securing the security and finding a stable Jubaland.

    Finally JCCIA welcomes and invites international investors and donors to make investment in the region, we hope that we will closely work in a friendly way .with anybody interested working in the region.

    Uniting the business community of JubalandParticipating in community development projects and provision of social services such as building schools and hospitalsMediating conflicting and warring clansHelping the needy and the poor in the month of RamadanCoordinating and responding emergency services in case there is draught or any other natural calamity